Active Care Chiropractic

                                   Maysville, Kentucky

Your visit will consists of questionaires to help us learn more about your current condition and your overal health.  The doctor will talk to you about your condition and then perform some tests including movement tests and orthopedic tests to better determine what is going on.  He will then discuss his findings and whether chiropractic care can help you.  If you decide yes then your care usually begins the first day. 

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Seemingly every week at least one new patient is referred to our office by a medical doctor in town.  We have medical doctors and their family members as patients. Many nurses are patients.  Most of other new patients come from word of mouth referrals.  We do not rely on gimmick ads.  If your MD, RN and neighbors trust us for their chiropractic care then you can too.


Your experience

We feel Chiropractic care is a great first choice for musculoskeletal complaints and research agrees.  Most patients should feel significant improvement in 3-5 visits. We also feel care should be affordable and do our best to keep it that way.  Patients are also expected to take and active part in their care.